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Two Steps to Relieve Eye Strain: Blink and Breathe

Have you ever had a headache or eye strain from staring at your computer for too long?   Me too. The good news is, there is a really easy fix for … Continue reading

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Traveling Warriors: Put Yoga to Work

Yoga is perfect for traveling warriors because it doesn’t require anything except yourself and a mat! With the confined environment of air and road travel, yoga can be an excellent … Continue reading

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A New Mantra For Management

When we practice yoga, we aim to balance mind, body, and spirit. When we practice business, we aim to balance sales, products, and people. In yoga, when you are out … Continue reading

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The World Needs Your Point Of View

Have you lost your voice? Not literally, but metaphorically speaking, do you follow the crowd? Are your ideas and work efforts merely trying to keep up with the norm and … Continue reading

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10 Steps to a Breathe Easy Lunch Break

Want to be more productive? There is a reason employees are required to take a break– relief from mental tasks during your work day improves performance and creativity — working through … Continue reading

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From One Professional to Another: PAUSE

In the midst of chaos… PAUSE.  From the moment we wake up, we are busy thinking and doing. From the 8-hour workday with back-to-back meetings, to caring for of our … Continue reading

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Power Posing!

We love this video by TED Talker Amy Cuddy! If 2 minutes of Power Posing can achieve results in your physiological make-up, imagine what 60 minutes of Power Posing in … Continue reading

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