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10 Steps to a Breathe Easy Lunch Break

Want to be more productive? There is a reason employees are required to take a break– relief from mental tasks during your work day improves performance and creativity — working through breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion. The lunch-hour is a great time to take that much needed mental recess and turn inward.
In today’s technology-heavy and socially-cluttered culture, we “break” by hopping on our Facebook news feed, scheduling a “work-friendly” lunch, or taking a walk with a co-worker. None of this is bad, so to say, but it doesn’t really shut off our mind. We are still thinking, doing, acting and talking.  Instead of prolonging the mental stimulation, turn inward to yourself and clear your mind.
10-Easy Steps to Lunch-Hour Meditation:
1.   Find a quiet space inside or outside where you will have no distractions.  Your car might be the best quiet place you can find.
2.   Turn your cell phone to silent (You can set an alarm for 15-20 minutes so you don’t have to worry about what time it is.)
3.   Sit up straight
4.   Close your eyes
5.   Take 3 big breaths
6.   Become aware of your thoughts and let go of anything excessive or repetitive
7.   Keep breathing
8.   Imagine a beautiful white glow between the center of your forehead, continue to focus on this spot and your breathing
9.   If thoughts come into your mind, notice them and let them go right away, don’t let them linger.
10. Use a mantra. You can use the universal mantra, AUM to keep your mind focused on your light.
Bring Lunch-Hour Meditation to your workplace.
Organize a meditation group at work. Ask your Human Resource Coordinator for an empty room and invite friends and colleagues to try this as a group.  Lead the group with the 10 steps above and then hold the space in silence. (It will be good leadership practice and your boss will be impressed with your initiative, not to mention the reward of providing a space and a program that improves the lives of you and your colleagues!)
Invite Studio925 to come and guide you through a lunch-hour meditation.  Contact for scheduling.

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