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The World Needs Your Point Of View


Have you lost your voice? Not literally, but metaphorically speaking, do you follow the crowd? Are your ideas and work efforts merely trying to keep up with the norm and the competition? Do you feel like you’ve lost your voice in discussions? If so, I know how you feel.
I’ve worked for several Fortune 100 companies that encouraged everyone to have a voice, cultivated diverse perspectives, and expected innovation. But it’s not that easy. First, you need to find your voice, because it might be buried under the influences and expectations you learned as a child. Our society has conditioned a culture that places a lot of acceptance on the norm, otherwise we are rejected and criticized.  And although I was lucky to work for cutting-edge companies, I’ve also been in the boat where you are tested to stick with the tried-and-true so your ideas don’t lose any money for the company.  But businesses are fast approaching the day that is no longer going to keep them in business. As the marketplace changes, consumers dominate the market and they don’t settle for traditional anymore. So we need more voices, the world needs your point of view.
If you look at most great products, you’ll discover they we not influenced by the crowd or the competition, but rather took radical shifts that were risky, and ultimately changed us forever.  Take Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs. Both followed an inner voice and expressed their own viewpoint. What these entrepreneurs have in common is a sense of non-conformity that holds the rest of us back. They did not lose their voice, but instead took time to foster and use it. They believed in themselves and their point of view. They chose not to conform when confronted to opposition.  
Learn how to find your point of view, celebrate your unique difference and be confident you were given distinctive talents and strengths to make a difference in your life. We are each rare individuals, but we imitate others in life, business, ideas, opinions, and it limits how we think.   Want to walk your own path? Talk your own truth? You will feel liberated and your strengths will start flowing naturally when you begin to understand and accept your true voice.
How yoga will help
Yoga’s purpose is to recondition you by bringing you back to your own authentic being and unique blueprint.  It allows you to find the brilliance that is already deeply embedded within you. You have boundless creativity, possibilities, and unique wisdom. By connecting mind & body through weekly yoga practice, you will begin to shed the layers of conformity and help connect you to your true voice and viewpoints.
Schedule Studio925 to guide yoga classes at your company.  Let us help you bring creativity back into your workplace and uncover raw talent, unique viewpoints, and new ideas. 


By Myriah Frimanslund


About Myriah


Myriah is a Business Development Manager for Studio925 Yoga and has been an enthusiastic and passionate yogi in the CorePower Yoga community since 2007. “I needed an outlet from the stress of a challenging work day. Once I began Yoga, it began to inspire me in ways I had never dreamed possible. I was challenged physically and mentally through powerful vinyasa classes and I began to change my lifestyle and found serenity in my life. The community at CPY is my chosen family and I am so thankful for this group of amazing teachers and students everyday.” When you can’t find Myriah around the studio, she can be found enjoying nature around Lake Harriet or Woodlake. She also enjoys playing tennis, reading, writing, and traveling.

Contact her at to learn more about her journey and how to bring Studio925 Yoga to your workplace!


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