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A New Mantra For Management


When we practice yoga, we aim to balance mind, body, and spirit. When we practice business, we aim to balance sales, products, and people. In yoga, when you are out of balance, your body doesn’t function at it’s highest potential. This is also mirrored in the corporate culture. If your leadership principles are unbalanced, your business may not be functioning at it’s highest potential.

So I offer you a new mantra to consider for management: Balance culture and well-being in light of not in spite of sales metrics.

What would your work environment be like if leaders were just as accountable for people metrics as they are operational metrics? People metrics are those variables like employee happiness, professional development, health, and a feeling of purpose. Operational metrics are items like sales, costs, stock value, and profits. Do you think people and sales metrics are equally important to leaders? Statistics show that today, 52% of workers in the U.S. are disengaged at work1. Disengaged workers, or half our workforce, are less emotionally connected to their work and less compelled to put forth extra effort. They take more sick days, are less efficient, and can negatively affect the entire company culture.

This statistic means 1 out of 2 people reading this knows the feeling of being disengaged. And the other half, probably know someone they work with or manage that is disengaged and is affected by their unhappiness. So I ask you, how do you think you would perform if you were encouraged to develop both personal and work accountability? Imagine going to work everyday and spending time developing yourself professionally, staying healthy, and having fun, all the while remaining accountable for delivering results, impacting sales, and helping the company succeed. Do you think you would be more likely to invest more in the company if the company invested in you? In my humble opinion, my answer is yes, you would!

Practice Yoga, Change Culture

Yoga can be an essential part of cultural transformation in business. Bring yoga to your company and you will foster a non-competitive, safe space to encourage self-development, empowerment, and positive energy. Weekly yoga classes will help shift your employee’s internal perspective and how they interact with others, or in yogi terms, develop a sense of oneness with the world around them. When you begin to shift people from the inside, you’ll benefit from long-term culture change. Yoga aims to develop a healthy control of emotion and stress in challenging work situations. Change the cycle of reactiveness so workers can respond in a better, more positive way to agile business needs. It’s also a nice gift to give your employees so they can invest in themselves in turn investing themselves back to the company!

Invite studio925 into your workplace for daily on-site yoga classes to re-program, re-engage, and re-vitalize your culture!


1Source: “State of the American Workplace”, Gallup 2013


About the Blogger

Myriah is a Business Development Manager for Studio925 Yoga.  She has been an enthusiastic and passionate yogi in the CorePower Yoga community since 2007.  “I needed an outlet from the stress of a challenging work day. Once I began Yoga, it began to inspire me in ways I had never dreamed possible.  I was challenged physically and mentally through powerful vinyasa classes and I began to change my lifestyle and found serenity in my life. The community at CPY is my chosen family and I am so thankful for this group of amazing teachers and students everyday.”  When you can’t find Myriah around the studio, she can be found enjoying nature around Lake Harriet or Woodlake.  She also enjoys playing tennis, reading, writing, and traveling.  Contact her at to learn more about bringing yoga to your workplace.


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